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Big Gay Ice Cream is an iconic ice cream shop based in New York City and owned by a gay couple. Across the street is Gallo Nero, whose employees displayed an odd sense of humor this weekend when they put up a sign reading “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream.”

It was a “dumb joke,” Gallo Nero's chef, who would only identify himself as Albano, told HuffPost on Monday. Albano said the employee responsible for the sign was fired, but later tried to walk back that claim.

He also insisted that the Italian eatery isn’t at all homophobic. The West Village, Albano said, is the “gay capital” of the United States, and the restaurant would be “out of business in 24 hours” if it truly held anything against gays. (The restaurant is just around the corner from The Stonewall Inn.)

"We love you guys," he said, referring to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. When reached by Gothamist on Sunday, a manager at Gallo Nero was more incredulous about the sign. “What’s the issue?” he said. “We can call our ice cream whatever we want.”

The owners have since talked and made up, but still…what? Why? (via the Huffington Post

Actually think this is funny. #badgay


Getting ready for the first day of school like

Me getting ready for school every day of my life.

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